Keeping Shoppers Safe And The Retail Industry Healthy

A unique, world-first innovation that instantly applies a thin layer of sanitizer liquid to any type of handle.

Retail Hygiene –
The New Normal

Geometry is in the business of reimagining commerce. And with the unprecedented challenge the current pandemic poses to the retail sector, our commitment to support retailers, brands and protect shoppers is stronger than ever.

In the retail environment, a store’s attention to hygiene has turned into a key differentiator to a positive shopping experience.

And, as a result, we can expect many of these responsive hygiene precautions to cascade into everyday personal health habits in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Over 60% of shoppers avoid touching objects and surfaces.

– More than 50% of shoppers want to enter and exit stores as quickly as possible.

–  234 x increase in focus on disinfectant wipes and sanitization products.

All these new behavioural changes are paving the way for retailers to adopt new sustainable hygiene measures that are both scalable and easy to maintain in the long run.

All designed to reassure shoppers, keeping them feeling safe and protected at all times.

Creating Hygienic
Shopping Environments

A world-first innovation that instantly applies a thin layer of sanitizer liquid to any type of trolley handle with one simple swipe, allowing customers to shop confidently without the concern of being exposed to viruses, bacteria and germs on their trolley handle.

An Instant Sustainable Solution

Considering the high footfall of supermarkets and grocery stores, the need for heightened hygiene in these outlets is paramount. Handle On Hygiene is a perfect solution that eases the workload of the staff assigned to disinfecting trolleys and frequently touched surfaces.


Handle On Hygiene is the result of over a year of research and development, and has been successfully implemented in over 100,000 stores around the world. It’s been conceived to provide up to 5,000 swipes before refilling, fitting any shopping cart model with total safety and minimum maintenance.

The Technology

• Maximum liquid capacity allowing up to 5,000 swipes before refilling.

• Completely secure unit with no moving parts and all fixings hidden.

• Flexibility on handle size and circumference.

• A simple media communication space with ROI capacity.

Applicable To Multiple Handles

The Handle On Hygiene device can be deployed in public places with high traffic, allowing contaminated surfaces to be easily sanitized with one single swipe.

Public Transport Railings

Airport Baggage Trolleys

Supermarket Trolleys

Ready To Mobilize

Geometry has restarted production of the Handle On Hygiene device, in order to meet the significant demand for safer, more hygienic shopping solutions. The moulds and tooling are in place and units can be mobilized immediately.

Media Touchpoint

The snap-fit clear plastic outer layer of the Handle On Hygiene device also provides an ideal space for shopper-facing branding. Enabling retailers to communicate whatever they wish, be it messaging, instructions or a simple customer promotion.

Commerce Continuity

With thousands of units already in production, we’re working round-the-clock to drastically increase production capabilities, ensuring we get as many Handle on Hygiene devices to stores around the globe.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Current unit can be applied to standard round trolley handles with measurement of 25mm to 27mm.  Trolley handles with measurement of 2-3mm variance will require 4-6 weeks for tool kit adjustments on the first order.

For a detailed quotation contact:
Nisreen Faris or
Dave Thompson

10,000 for standard units and syringes.

Production time is approximately 5-6 weeks from PO and 7-10 days delivery time by air freight depending on destination. Shipment is possible in batches every two weeks and charges will be calculated based on delivery location.

It’s produced by Barrows Global and manufactured in their China facility. 

The device is available in three colors – red, green or blue options.

Approximately 5,000 swipes per refill.

The liquid is not included within the product and will have to be purchased separately.

Preferably use more gel-based products, like liquid. The device has been tested with Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Gel when engineering the solution, having tightened the seals of the device. 

Unit sample and a measuring tool kit can be supplied to confirm trolley handle measurements.

3-month warranty from date of delivery to destination of goods.

A built-in slot on the unit allows for swiping without touching the actual swiping device. You can use a credit card, coin or car key to insert into the slot and perform the swiping motion.

We recommend assigning a trolley collector that will be trained to refill units at the end of each day and do twice-daily wipe downs. Support can also be offered through one of our partners.

The device is not waterproof and has been designed for indoor trolleys only however waterproofing modifications can be made at an additional cost and quoted on request.

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